The Garden of Earthly Delights by Jheronimus Bosch

Digitalization has invaded all areas of society and the art sector has not escaped. Forms of expression, whether audio or visual, have gained a prominent place on the digital scene and are flooding social networks with their presence in order to provoke the much hoped-for “like”. The three composers of the Kl-Ex collective, Wolfgang Delnui, Paul Pankert and Christian Klinkenberg, will be inspired by this inexhaustible source of images in a compositional process weaving parallels between sound and visual objects.

The different aspects of visual and acoustic perception will be highlighted. In contrast to the digital use and the creation of this pictorial universe, the compositions will be exclusively acoustic. The challenge will be even greater by the work of the instrumental sound reduced to its simplest device on the basis of the wind quintet called “classical”.

The term “triptych” (from the Greek τρίπτυχος, three-voices) has imposed itself on this project as an obvious one, evoking both pictorial influences of numerous paintings dating from the XII and XIII centuries associated with religious art and this so particular format which from the 20th century was freed from this Christian connotation through the works of painters such as Claude Monet or Francis Bacon.

The notion of triptych will be present throughout the final project, declining on the 3 canvases of the altarpiece the projections of video works realized in close collaboration with artists of the visual field. The composition, lasting about an hour, will fit like a custom-made piece to this graphic palette while combining the different worlds and languages of each of the three composers.

The musicians:

Anne Davids, flutes – Kristien Ceuppens, oboe – Dries Tack, clarinet – Bert Helsen, bassoon – Rozanne Descheemaeker, horn

Wolfgang Delnui, Paul Pankert und Christian Klinkenberg – composers

Lothar Felten, Gregor Pankert – media

13 March 2022 @20h00: Alter Schlachthof, Rotenbergplatz 19, Eupen (B)
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