Wolfgang Delnui’s new composition “Wind” is created for the orchestra concerts that the Brussels cultural center Flagey gives every year together with Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and the music educators of ReMuA for school children from all over Belgium.

The music is about emotions, which the orchestra translates into sound. The wind relives these emotions vicariously for the children.

Before the concert, the students attend preparatory workshops. These workshops focus on identifying, experiencing, and sounding emotions. The aim is to enable the children to feel how the music speaks to them so that they can actively experience it during the concert.

Brussels Philharmonic, ReMuA, Lucie Legay, dir.


10 February 2022 @10:30
10 February 2022 @13:30
11 February 2022 @10:30
11 February 2022 @13:30

Flagey, Studio 4, Brussels

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