Remote 2.0

Remote 2.0 is an interactive dance and music performance for flute, percussions, bass guitar, and dance. The dancer’s movements are analysed by sensors, with the resulting data influencing electronic sound filters that transposed, distorted, deconstructed, and amplified the sounds of the various instruments as required in real time. The musical expression is no longer exclusively in the hands of three musicians and is now significantly influenced by others. The inspiration for this piece came from the Naomi Alderman’s dystopian novel The Power, which deals with power, manipulation, heteronomy and the abuse of power. A brief flute melody is repeated several times and electronically manipulated more and more insistently as an introduction. Threatening sounds from the bass guitar create a first demonstration of power. The flute’s expressive phrase that follows can hardly hold its own against recurring sound elements from the bass and percussion instruments. The central section is a passacaglia, a variation form in 3/4 time commonly used in baroque music; it depicts the subtle and then increasingly obvious abuse of power described in the novel that ultimately leads to the complete destruction and downfall of the social structure. This is followed by the Bach chorale Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir. Water-filled glasses, bowed with a violin bow, create a threadlike fragile sound for the principal theme. The novel ends with a ruined and hopeless society; this is musically represented by a recurring five-bar bass line whose monotony is brightened by a few percussion elements. A descending and disillusioned melody in the bass flute appears above the bass line, but finally disappears into nothingness. Whilst the varied notation of this composition demands extremely precise and committed playing from its three musicians — Anne Davids, Achim Bill and Vedran Mutić — it nonetheless offers a great deal of space for the performers’ own creativity and initiative.

Paul Pankert, Composition

Hiroshi Wakamatsu, Choreographie

Achim Bill, Perkussion
Anne Davids, Flöten
Vedran Mutić, E-Bass
Paul Pankert, Live Elektronik


27 November 2021 @20:00: Danshuis De Ingang, Hurstweg 8, Gent (B)
10 December 2021 @20h00: Alter Schlachthof, Rotenbergplatz 19, Eupen (B)

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