CD – LP “connected”

Paul Pankert’s brandnew CD & LP CONNECTED now available !

This production marks the end of his 3-year period as “Künstler Ostbelgiens”. Five compositions with live electronics played by seven excellent musicians. The cover painting is from the hand of Romain van Wissen. read more

Here you can order the CD at a price of 15,00 € (+2,50 € shipping costs).
Also available as LP at a price of 25,00 Euro (shipping on demand).
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Compositions with live electronics 

  1. Toccata  for harpsichord & live electronics (2019)
  2. Pavane  for alto recorder & live electronics (2019) ***
  3. Quasi Rondo  for violin & live electronics (2012)  ***
  4. Connected II  for alto saxophone & live electronics (2016/2019) 
  5. Remote 2.0  for flutes, bass guitar, percussion & live electronics (2018/2020) 

*** Pavane & Quasi Rondo not on LP

KL-EX Ensemble

Claire Lecoq, harpsichord
Grégory d’Hoop, alto recorder
Paul Pankert, violin, live electronics
Philipp Gerschlauer, alto saxophone
Anne Davids, flutes
Vedran Mutić, bass guitar
Achim Bill, percussions

Cover: Painting by Romain van Wissen (acrylic on canvas, August 2020)

Recorded by Patrick Lemmens (Galaxy Studios) (Tracks 1, 3, 5)
Recorded by Gregor Pankert (Berlin, private studio) (Tracks 2, 4)
Mixed at High-Score Studio by Patrick Lemmens
Mastered at Galaxy Studios by Tom Van Achte
Executive Producer ETCETERA RECORDS Dirk de Greef
Art-Direction Roman E. Jans
Photography by Peter Ortmann

“The use of live electronics has characterised my composition process over the last years. This should not be surprising, given that digitalisation is a defining element of our time in all areas of society, including art and compositional technique. It is impossible for me, however, to contemplate doing without the sound of instruments played live; for me, the performer’s expressivity will always be a central aspect of musical expression. The sounds created, however, are also fed into a computer via microphones on the instruments; they are then electronically transposed, modulated, delayed, filtered, looped… and then played back in real time via loudspeakers. The programming of the electronics is therefore a fundamental part of the composition. 

Several of these compositions were created in collaboration with the Studio Centre Henri Pousseur in Liège.” 

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