Christian Klinkenberg

The music of Christian Klinkenberg (* Eupen/B in 1976) is characterized by the combination of avant-garde composition concepts, jazz colors and improvisation.

In 1992 he began as a pianist in the jazz quartet Last Exit. For this ensemble he composed his own compositions. Over time he played in many different ensembles. From 2000 he was active as conductor for choir and orchestra.

In 2001 he founded the Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra with which he toured all over Europe. In addition to purely musical works, he also composed for film, theater, multimedia and dance.

Alongside his work as a composer, Klinkenberg has continued performing as a pianist, bandleader and improviser with numerous ensembles.

Currently, he teaches at the Conservatoire du Nord in Luxembourg and at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel.


  • Bachelor’s degree: June 1999 – PHPD Eupen – Dissertation: Musiknotation in der Grundschule (Music notation in elementary school)
  • Master’s degree: June 2007 @ Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel – Composition (jazz department)
  • Master’s degree: June 2011 @ Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel – Composition (classical department)
  • PhD: March 2020 @ Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Last major projects

  • Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra Geo² (published by Neuklang)
  • The ballet The Bell Tower
  • The opera Das Kreuz der Verlobten
  • The interactive musical narrative The Leaves that Hung but Never Grew in german, french and english (published by Neuklang)
  • The music theatre play How Trees Talk
  • The opera The Glacier