KL-EX (Klangexperimente) was founded on 5 October 2018 on the initiative of the composers Christian Klinkenberg, Paul Pankert and Wolfgang Delnui, all from Eupen (B).

The goals of KL-EX are the development, production and performance of new works in:

  • experimental, contemporary and improvised music
  • mixed media
  • electronic music
  • musical theatre

The three affiliated composers can look back on a multitude of innovative projects. Many of these projects have been developed in cooperation with East Belgian, Euregional, national and international cultural institutions.

As varied and diverse as the musical ideas of the three composers may be, they are united by a strong common artistic principle: to seek and stimulate the artistic confrontation by innovative approaches, with great freedom and independence. Important traditions of the history of art are taken up, questioned and continued in a contemporary way.

KL-EX perceives itself as being an open association interested in promoting cooperations with non-affiliated artists, composers and technitions.

The artists behind KL-EX