KL-EX – 5 years

KL-EX turns 5 ! Founded in 2018 by Eupen composers Christian Klinkenberg, Paul Pankert and Wolfgang Delnui, VOG KL-EX (Klangexperimente) can look back on five extremely active years. During this time more than 60 events took place in which KL-EX was involved. https://www.kl-ex.com/veranstaltungen/?date1=all.
The spectrum ranges from solo pieces with live electronics to works for chamber or symphony orchestras to full-length operas in various microtonal systems.
This is to be duly celebrated. Namely with a concert on September 17, 2023 at the Alter Schlachthof in Eupen in collaboration with the East Belgium Festival and Meakusma. Among other things, new works by the three KL-EX founding composers will be premiered, as well as a work by young up-and-coming talent Gregor Pankert, whose style combines experimental electronics, acoustic instruments, and DJ influences. Two renowned ensembles from the region have confirmed their participation as birthday guests: On the one hand, the LAPS Ensemble (LAPTOP & ACOUSTIC PRODUCTION SYSTEM) from Liège with its artistic director Claude Ledoux, an internationally highly regarded composer of contemporary music. On the other hand, the Ensemble88 from Maastricht, best known in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Admittedly, this is not an entirely altruistic invitation – the musicians from Eupen are hoping that the collaboration with the LAPS Ensemble, which is highly specialized in the field of electronic sound processing, will expand their own palettes and provide new impulses for composition. Incidentally, both guest ensembles are also celebrating round birthdays this year (Ensemble88 35 years and LAPS 10 years).

Program Eupen: (LABS, KL-EX, Ensemble88)

Gregor Pankert : DJ-Setup, Violine UA
Alice Hebborn: Saisons (extraits), piano
Wolfgang Delnui : Leben Sopran, Elektronik UA
Paul Pankert : Laps-Lab Klarinette, E-Piano, Live-Elektronik UA

**** Pause ****

Geoffrey François : Beep/box, Bassklarinette, Elektronik
Gilles Doneux : E-Klavierstück 2 UA
Christian Klinkenberg : Die Legionäre – 2. Teil, fl, vl, cl, perc, vidéo UA

**** Pause ****

Claude Ledoux : A Walnut for Emi, E-Piano,, Elektronik
Yu Oda : Orthorealm, fl, vl, cl, perc, electr. vidéo

LAPS- Ensemble Claude Ledoux, live electronics Gilles Doneux, live electronics Alice Hebborn, live electronics Geoffrey François, live electronics Rudy Mathey, clarinets Nao Momitani, electric piano.
KL-EX-Ensemble Christian Klinkenberg, live electronics Gregor Pankert, live electronics Wolfgang Delnui, composer Paul Pankert, violin, electronics Tina Fischer, soprano, Ensemble 88 Yu Oda, live electronics Anne Davids, flutes Jan van den Boomen, percussion Germaine Sijstermans, bass clarinet

16. September 2023 @20.00: Trinkhall Museum, Liège (B) Infos
17. September 2023 @14.00 Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (B) Tickets
07. October 2023 @ 20.00 Intro, Maastricht (NL) Info

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