Hyperkunst – a hybrid concert

When Tanja Mosblech and Andrea Mennicken received the title of “Künstler Ostbelgiens” in 2020 and presented their project “Hyperbild”, we were immediately inspired to take up their concept in close collaboration with them and to expand the dialogue with a musical component. They invited us to present our work to the public at their joint exhibition at the IKOB, in order to enrich the show with sound and music and thus broaden the artistic dialogue. Concretely, this will take place as follows: Frank-Thorsten Moll, artistic director of the IKOB, will lead a guided tour of the exhibition, during which KL-EX will offer short musical interludes at different moments that will enter into dialogue with the respective artworks and create a bridge to the sounds of the chamber concert, which will follow the guided tour.

Duration of the musical tour: about 40 minutes
Duration of the concert: about 40 minutes

Concert program:

  • Christian Klinkenberg: New short compositions for the artworks of Andrea Radermacher and Tanja Mosblech for 3 violins
  • Gregor Pankert: Manual volume automations, for Dj-Set – violin – live electronics
  • Wolfgang Delnui: Loslassen, for 2 violins
  • Paul Pankert: Partita Ritardata, for violin and live electronics

Paul Pankert, Maxime Stasyk, Gregor Pankert, violins
Gregor Pankert, Paul Pankert, live-electronics, Christian Klinkenberg, visuals

January 12, 2024 @18.00 IKOB, Eupen (B) Infos

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