The “Belgian Music Days” festival takes place every two years. The basic idea of the festival organizers is to represent the musical heritage of the whole country and to also give a platform to living composers, in order to reflect the dynamic musical scene of our country. After taking place in Eupen in 2022, the Belgian Music Days are now hosted in Brussels. For the current edition of the festival, the organizers have invited the KL-EX VoG. to represent the music of the German-speaking Community. This concert will take place on February 13, 2024 in the prestigious concert hall of BOZAR in the center of Brussels.

The composers and instrumentalists of the collective “KL-EX” present sound experiments that play with the concepts of roots and transformation.

These roots are anchored, depending on each individual’s universe, in baroque music, memories of old cartoons, or electronic music.

The young Gregor PANKERT uses the electronically transformed violin in combination with a DJ set. He mixes the rhythms and sounds of the instrument and CDs while renewing the visual experience of the live performance.

In “Loslassen” by Wolfgang DELNUI, the transitions between different violin playing techniques weave a fragile and poetic world full of delicacy.

Partita Ritardata by Paul PANKERT unfolds a series of baroque dances with delay effects and fine variable transpositions that lead to microtonality effects.

Christian KLINKENBERG proposes music in combination with the animated film by Nicole ERBE from paper silhouettes. He relies on excerpts from cartoons that are abstracted by graphic notation and transmitted to musicians for reinterpretation.

These different pieces are linked with excerpts from the “Wohlprepariertes Klavier” by the (Flemish) composer Paul CRAENEN. In the tradition of Bach’s “Wohltemperiertes Klavier” and John Cage’s works on the use of the piano, he creates studies in which the sound of the instrument is treated by “ring modulations” and evolves through micro-variations in a fast tempo.

concert program:

  • Gregor Pankert: Manuelle Lautstärkenmanipulation, for Dj-Set – violin – live electronics
  • Paul Craenen: Das Wohlpreparierte Klavier 2, piano & electronics
  • Wolfgang Delnui: Loslassen, for 2 violins
  • Paul Craenen: Das Wohlpreparierte Klavier 4, piano & electronics
  • Paul Pankert: Partita Ritardata, for violin & live electronics
  • Paul Craenen: Das Wohlpreparierte Klavier 5, piano & electronics
  • Christian Klinkenberg: PaperCUT Music „Les Légionnaires” – 2nd part, for piano, 3 violins and video

Claire Lecoq, piano
Paul Pankert, Maxime Stasyk, Gregor Pankert, violins
Gregor Pankert, Paul Pankert, electronics
Christian Klinkenberg, video

13 February 2024 @20.00 BOZAR, Bruxelles (B) Tickets

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