The Glacier – Opera 2.0

Christian Klinkenberg

Young twins, Max and Gabriel, climb a mountain to reach a glacier. Although they resemble each other, they are fundamentally different in their characters. For the humanist Gabriel, this is the first hike and he is deeply impressed by the surrounding nature; the size and beauty of the mountains leave a permanent imprint on his soul. In contrast, his brother Max observes the landscape through the eyes of a scientist. When things come to an end, tragedy will have struck as they reach the glacier.

Why Opera 2.0? New territory is tantalizingly available in practically all facets of this production. First, the musicians will have abandoned sheet music in favor of a graphic video score that permits a much more intuitive style of playing, with fluent combinations of music styles, including avant-garde, music, jazz and rock. Second, the leading role is a “virtual” singer on a video screen. Third, musicians perform on specially constructed musical instruments, designed to play in rare tuning systems. The results are unique melodies and newly imagined harmonies. Cross of the Enganged, following his The Glacier – Opera 2.0 is Klinkenberg’s second opera.

The orchestra is comprised of musicians from Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia, France, and Belgium. They are brought together specifically because of their viruosic expertise in performing microtonal music.

Contributing Artists

Composer: Christian Klinkenberg
Director and libretto: Nicole Erbe
Conductor: Bart Bouckaert
Video : Ludwig Kuckartz
Graphic score: Marc Kirschvink
App for the graphical notation: Lothar Felten
Set designer: Jens Schumacher
Light: Jonas Rüter
Translation: Christian Klinkenberg, Hugh Featherstone and Vedran Mutić
Radio voice: Julia Hansen (English), Juliane Pempelfort (German)
Actor: Ilan Daneels
Singer: Jean Bermes
Flute: Anne Davids
Clarinet: Nora-Louise Müller
Alto saxophone: Philipp Gerschlauer
Baritone saxophone: Luc Marly
Bassoon, recorder: Johnny Reinhard
Violin: Dan Auerbach
Violin, viola: Paul Pankert
Electric guitar: Melle Weijters

Media coverage

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25 October 2019 @20:00: Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (Belgium) – Premiere – TICKETS
26 October 2019 @20:00: Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (Belgium) – TICKETS
27 October 2019 @18:00: BOZAR, Brüssel (Belgium) – TICKETS
31 October 2019 @20:00: Triangle, St. Vith (Belgium) – TICKETS
1 November 2019 @20:00: Triangle, St. Vith (Belgium) – TICKETS
19 November 2019: College of Staten Island, Staten Island/New York (USA) – TICKETS
22 November 2019: The National Opera, Manhattan/New York (USA) – TICKETS

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