Black Robots

Program change:

  • Paul Pankert: Connected I (viool & live-elektronica)
  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704): Rosenkranzsonate I (viool &
  • *** solostuk robots ***
  • Branka Popovic: One / Jedan voor viool & live-elektronica
  • J. S. Bach: Sonata BWV 1023 in e, Allegro-Adagio ma non tanto (viool, live-elektronica, robots)
  • Christian Klinkenberg: Equalisation Play for two instruments and robot orchestra

Paul Pankert & Gregor Pankert, Violins

Christian Klinkenberg, Electronics

Programme 4 June 2022:

Christian Klinkenberg: Equalisation Play for two instruments and robot orchestra

In this project, KL-EX and LOGOS ( in Ghent want to artistically process current social questions of increasing automation and digitalization. In addition to string instruments, human voices and music robots, modern music electronics are also used. In preparation for the two planned concerts in Ghent and Eupen, listeners can familiarize themselves with this world of sound in a workshop.

We can look forward to the premiere of the new music theatre “Equalisation” by composer Christian Klinkenberg for violin, viola and six musical robots. By means of the software “Autoconductor”, notes for the musicians, control commands for the robots and a video for the audience are linked together. In collaboration with the programmer Lothar Felten, this software was developed for the opera “The Glacier”. Now, for the first time, the output of MIDI commands has been integrated especially for this project. MIDI is used to control electronic musical instruments, or in this case musical robots.
The uniqueness and diversity of the robots used in LOGOS poses a special challenge for the extremely innovative composer. The following 6 music robots will be used:
Per: A percussion robot
Horny: a self-playing F horn
Spiro: An automatic spinet
HybrHi: A whistle instrument with very high frequencies
Psch: An automatic percussion instrument
Flut: A self-playing flute

For this project, Paul Pankert composed a short work for viola and live electronics, which deals primarily with the handling of information in the digital media world.

Also on the program: short works for solo instruments, robots and live electronics by Frederic Rzewski.


Christian Klinkenberg,
Paul Pankert, violin
Dominica Eyckmans, viola

1. December 2021 @20h00: Logos Gent (B)
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04 June 2022 @20h00: Alter Schlachthof, Rotenbergplatz 19, Eupen (B) 
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