Belgian Music Days 2020

Paul Pankert, Wolfgang Delnui

The Belgian Music Days festival will take place in Mons (B) from 4 to 7 March 2020. In addition to ensembles from Wallonia and from Flanders – including the renowned Ensemble Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie, Spectra Ensemble and Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles – a project by the East Belgian KL-EX Ensemble was also included in the programme.

As the festival aims to achieve the most balanced possible programme with compositions from all parts of the country, the KL-EX Ensemble will have the opportunity to present a multi-faceted selection of Belgian music: In addition to the works Cinq séquences pour piano seul and Fakeflutes by the Eupen composers Wolfgang Delnui and Paul Pankert, the programme also includes compositions by Henri Pousseur, Michel Fourgon and Karel Goeyvaerts.

Michel Fourgon: Souvenir d’un bel été (2 vl)
Wolfgang Delnui: Cinq séquences pour piano seul
Henri Pousseur: Echos 1 pour violoncelle seul
Paul Pankert: Fakeflutes (fl & électronique)
Karel Goeyvaerts: Pianokwartet met magnetofoon

Musicians of the KL-EX ensemble
Claire Lecoq, piano
Maxime Stasyk, violin
Paul Pankert, violin, viola
Jean-Pol Zanutel, cello
Anne Davids, flute

4 March 2020 @18:00: Mundaneum, Mons (Belgium)

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